Results household survey

In a major household survey in Kingston St Mary (KSM) - among other topics - two major topics have been explored. The first concerns cycling and pedestrian routes: the importance of safe off-road pedestrian and cycle routes outside of the village centre (joining Kingston St Mary village and the wider parish to North Taunton), and routes to connect up the various parts of the parish.
The second topic is the concern with traffic speed and volume in the parish - a subject that is related closely to cycling and walking.

Cycle and pedestrian routes Kingston - Taunton

Walking and cycling is a key issue for a large majority of households but in general cyclists and walkers avoid using Kingston Road in order to gain access to Taunton, either for work or leisure, because of safety issues.
People are concerned about their children and grand-children using the road network. Many respondents commented that the roads are too dangerous and that they do not use Kingston Road, or avoid cycling altogether.

This subject was an area commented on by a large number of respondents. Cycling and walking from the village towards Taunton along the Kingston Road is a major negative for residents. Some cyclists get around the safety issues by taking a longer route via the country lanes; those who would like to walk are less likely to do so because it adds significantly to the journey time.

People recognise that cycling and walking has health benefits and that encouraging walking and cycling would reduce dependence on car usage and lower traffic volumes through the village.

Residents are aware that the North Taunton Development, and the Hinkley-C-project will lead to increased traffic volumes along Kingston Road and the resultant implications for safety to walkers and cyclists on the route into Taunton. Walking along the main road is currently an unpleasant experience and is likely to worsen over time.

For a sizeable majority of the Kingston population, it is important to extremely important to have off-road pedestrian and cycle routes that join Kingston St Mary village to North Taunton.

Further analysis shows that household composition affects people's views. For households with children aged 5 to 18 years, 93% would like a safe off-road route to Taunton and 84% want cycle routes around the parish.

It would be amazing to have a safe cycle route from the village into town - it would without a doubt enable us to cycle more.

Very important to encourage other modes of transport than cars

More people might access Taunton by bike if there was an off-road route between the village and town

Have got to the point where I regard it as too dangerous to cycle into town as well as walk - it's very limiting

It's very important that our children can ride safely around the village, and into town

Cycling into Taunton should be easy, not life-threatening on Kingston road. So dangerous to commute on bike at the moment, but potentially would reduce traffic significantly if cycle route improved.

Kingston road is highly dangerous for pedestrians and cycling. Cycle and pedestrian tracks are essential, and MUST be installed at the outset of any building in north Taunton.

Cycle routes, bridleways and footpaths around Kingston

The issue of safe cycle routes around the parish itself is as important as a safe route between Kingston and Taunton, with 3 in 4 households saying it is important to extremely important.

A similar proportion would like to see more bridleways and footpaths around the parish.

Traffic speed and volume

A large majority of residents in Kingston St Mary are very to extremely concerned about the speed of vehicles travelling through Kingston St Mary village. Those living along the main road through the village and those living on the roads feeding it have the greatest concerns.
Elsewhere in the parish a large majority share these concerns too.

There is a generally held very serious concern about the volume of traffic through the village and on some other roads.

Measures need to be put in place to slow traffic on entry to the village, especially from Taunton direction.

Cars leave the village towards Taunton much too fast and an accident at Mill Cross seems inevitable.

Main road too dangerous for cyclists.

I would cycle, if it was safe to do so, rather than drive.

Speed limit between Taunton and KSM should be lowered to 40 mph. Very dangerous & difficult coming out on to this road from side roads.

Concerned about the already increasing traffic volume using village roads.

Very concerned that the new North Taunton/Staplegrove development will lead to increased traffic - with implications for safety and pollution.

Kingston Road just south of the village seems to have had a massive increase in traffic in recent months, particularly at rush hour.

Results in figures

Cycling & walking

Around 2 in 3 of the respondents own bikes (68% of the households). In the households that own bikes, the average number of bikes is 2.7 per household. For households with children aged 5-18 years, average ownership is 3.9 bikes, compared to 1.9 bikes for all households.

A third of the households (33%) report that a member or members cycle daily to monthly, while 25% cycle occasionally.
Three quarters (72%) walk daily to monthly and 19% occasionally.



In 2016 a postal/online survey was undertaken among approximately 400 households in Kingston St Mary. The response was 56%. The results of the survey served as input information for the Kingston St Mary Community Plan.